First blog post

Hi! as a Mum of a very crazy (i’m proud of it!) household, and a mum who suffers from chronic pain and anxiety, i felt the need to have a space to share some of the antics, some of the bad days and good days and just generally somewhere i can write this part of my journey down on.

The gang!

Now for introductions! This may take some time….

Mummy Wright – I am 30 years old.  I obviously love animals, i also love learning about new things,  I’ve definitely been described as crackers, quirky and hyper.  Before becoming ill I worked as a dog groomer. I’ve also worked as a dog trainer, home boarder, walker and carer and my first job back when i was 17/18 (gosh i cannot remember how old i was!) was in a dog day care center, with 7- 30 odd dogs per day in one area.  As I’ve mentioned I am currently quite ill, which i’ll go into another time.  I’ve been ill and unable to work for coming up 6 years now.

Daddy Wright – Daddy Wright is a jolly, big bearded fellow ( no he isn’t Santa), he is the classification of a man child.  His hobbies include Wrestling, which he used to do professionally, watch comedy/sci-fi… he has been described as a big nerd on occasion (as have I) and he plays Bolt Action (plus others) where he builds small models of armies, paints them, then plays with them.  He has been my carer since i became too ill to climb stairs.  He is the house keeper, the animals’ main keeper (though i get to do the fun stuff and get all the love, since they are mainly my animals), and he predominantly sorts the kids’ needs out, and is the main source of all of their fun!

The Kids! – A and J are 2 amazing young kids! they are cheeky, fun, unique, selfless and giving… for example J who is 5 is currently growing his hair out to donate to sick and ill children… yes my 5 year old decided himself to Donate his hair to sick and ill kidsHe also really loves the word poo.  He is still 5 after all! They both have been involved in rescuing. When we have been asked to or an opportunity has presented itself, both kids are brought into the discussion of bringing in another animal into the house and what that means in terms of spare money for going out and doing things, for treats and Christmas and everything that goes along with taking in another animal… and they have always both agreed that the animals need is greater than ours and chosen to give up their good stuff.  They still drive us nuts, make us laugh, keep us on our toes and say the funniest of things! They are our world.

The dogs;

Boba – a 5 year old Bernese mountain dog x German shepherd.  He was bought for me as a mothers day, birthday and engagement present by Daddy Wright, i mean really i found him and picked him up and decided to get another dog! At the time we had 2 shar-pei Xing and Vader, Xing was my girl, was THE dog, and Vader who came to us as he was given into rescue because he had bitten a child on the face.  We took him in knowing the situation and that it really was not his fault and as we then didn’t have kids. Although we knew they were both good with A, Xing obviously more than Vader we still didn’t want A who at the time had just started crawling, to want to annoy the two more settee type dogs.  So we bought Boba as a distraction (I don’t recommend this technique at all, but it was what we needed), a dog she could go to and interact with any time (with us there obviously), and grow up with too.  It worked perfectly! and he is as roly poly and idiotic now as he was back then!

Windu – a 3 year old, no idea cross, she looks boxer x mastiff and maybe rottweiler in there.  She is a failed foster, she came to stay with us when she was very very young, around 4/5 weeks.  We helped her grow and become a fantastic dog.  When her and Jaycen grew their relationship we just couldn’t say goodbye to her! She is very intelligent, very mummy orientated and is attached to me… fun fact – I can pretend hit Daddy and Daddy gets told off! she looks after me and the kids amazingly! she is playful and will do anything for a tennis ball!

Sully –  ah Sully! Sully is a pain! he is a shar-pei x and is very large, highly strung and filled with anxiety. He’s about 5/6 ish, he came to us when he was 2/3 ish. He is a cuddly sap! I love him to bits but he isn’t an easy dog, just because of his anxiety and his love for bins! though he is way better than when he came to us.  He was initially a foster but he was just too lovely and too broken to leave us.

Ahsoka and Tano – two sisters from Hungary.  They came over with 2 other siblings.  They were 8 weeks old and in a kill shelter.  After being over here for 6 month and not receiving much interest we took them on.  They are about 2, and are such great amazing dogs despite their start not being so good.  They are Pei x… definitely Labrador in there somewhere.

Luna – a Shar-pei possibly crossed Jack Russell.  She is of unkown age, though guessed at about 8 by my vet. She came from Spain and after all of her puppies whom she was found on the streets with, were all found homes, she was going to be left behind in the kill shelter with no possibilities of coming over without a home in place… We couldn’t let that happen so she joined the crazy! She has clearly had a hard street life, and will often go into street dog mode randomly.  She is very loving! such a sweetheart and is all about cuddles and food! She is half blind and often mistakes Daddy for a random intruder!

Leia – The last dog to join us.  She again came from Hungary, had a few homes once here and when she got to us she was terrified of hands and had clearly suffered severe abuse along the way.  Once settled and in a routine she learned to love and is another complete snuggle bunny! A dog if i was able i’d immediately have into agility as she’s fantastic! She is very hyper and is a Shar-pei x possibly Beagle or/and working cocker, so is full of antics and intelligence.

The cats – Sharky 4 and Jango 3, are more like dogs.  Sharky is named as such as she is quite the hunter.  Jango is a lazy cat! They are quite sedate and docile as far as cats go.  They were somewhat rescues.  They were both from an unwanted pet litter.

My rats – my girls, I adore my rats, they are a big part of my life.  apart from 1 of them they are all rescues! all of varying temperaments, from Momma who is a bitey defensive girl, to Maggie who is very nervous, to Harmony, an absolute mummies girl who wants cuddles all the time! there is;

KittyKitty, Star Butterfly, Big Momma, Pearl, Peridot, Possum, Layla, Melody, Harmony, Viola, China and Maggie.

The Bearded Dragon – Bowser as he is known by us or Stormfly if you’re the kids! He was brought to my attention by a neighbour, he was kept in a 2 ft tank and didn’t get insects at all and had no heat lamp… we just happened to have a 4foot vivarium lying around (I had a snake when i was 12 and we kept it after he passed away) so we took him on. He I am happy to say is spoilt rotten and is loving it!

I also collect Tarantulas and currently have between 40-50, they are my Hobby.  A long with the mantids, the millipedes and their food which we breed (cockroaches, crickets etc).

And that’s us… not that writing that took a while or anything… it’s a good job i have Insomnia i suppose!!!

Hopefully i will be writing again sometime soon. Mummy Wright xxx



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